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Herman Story 2016 Milk & Honey Red, Paso Robles

Another fantastic release from Herman Story - tiny production.

This is the best summer backyard BBQ wedding that has ever happened between two decorated families: cherry ice cream, blueberry and paseo pepper jelly, Maduro cigars, barrel aged Manhattans, blood orange demi glace, red oak coal grilled steak, sun tea, gnawed cinnamon stick, red velvet cake, Italian espresso, Hershey’s Chocolate milk, Turkish delight elixir with the soft sense of promise.  35% Tempranillo, 32% Cabernet, Sauvignon, 25% Syrah, 6% Mourvedre, 2% Grenache

Paso is a place to push new frontiers in the exploration of full-force avor. Milk & Honey exposes the best of the promised land. Tempranillo was chosen as the base of this blend due to its similarity to one of Paso’s new keystone varietals, Grenache, while also giving a nod to the region’s stylistic similarities to Ribero del Duero. While Paso is an emerald city for some, it is also home to derelicts and grifters and ne'er–do–wells, for whom the artwork is an homage.